Reinventing the VPN

Gom was born on the premise in our belief that VPNs can be easy and fast. To do that, we had to reinvent the classic VPN on both fronts: The plugin and the cloud.

40% faster page loads with SPDY

Gom implements SPDY for all webpages, regardless if the destination web server supports it or not (only 4.5% of websites support SPDY). And it is able to increase page load speeds by up to 40% simply by opening a single connection that downloads page assets in parallel rather than opening a connection for each asset.

2 hops instead of 7 with QUIC

QUIC speeds up data transfer between servers, by reducing the required hops of 7 with TCP connections down to 2. We implement QUIC for data-transfer between servers in our cloud network, particularly for intercontinental data transfer.

No need to switch IP addresses Coming soon

With dynamic traffic routing, we auto-detect the origin of the website you are headed to and re-route the request within our cloud to local servers. This means that you can browse the web as if you're a local everywhere, and data simply loads much faster particularly with QUIC support.